“My wife and I relocated to Atlanta from Fairfax, VA in September 2007. We sold our home in Virginia and did not know where to move when we first got back to Atlanta as my wife was originally from Los Angeles and I never purchased a home in the Atlanta area. We actively searched for a real estate agent that would be patient and guide us with the appropriate wisdom to ensure we made a sound investment on the purchase of our next home. We interviewed agents from around the Atlanta metro area and decided to go with The Gipson Team due to their significant experience and excellent interpersonal skills.”

“The Gipson Team assisted us to ID the primary areas we wanted to pursue a home. After a long search, where The Gipson Team consulted us through many neighborhoods and homes, we found a fantastic home in the Dunwoody area where we can live comfortably and be confident we made the best investment possible.”


“As I sit in my office with a great view out my bay window, I just wanted to tell you how thankful we are that we decided to use the Gipson team for our home purchase. Not only were you patient with us as we considered different areas of Atlanta and different price ranges, but you were fun and pleasant to be around. More importantly, your collective real estate expertise allowed us to not only get a house we love, but make a wise investment as well. I will recommend you to EVERYONE I know in the future as your diligence, ethical standards, and experience cannot be matched. We are happy to be getting settled in our new home, but sad, I must admit, to not be interacting with you all on a daily basis as we have done for these past 14 months.”

“Thanks again, and of course we look forward to working with you in the future as the need arises!”


“I cannot tell you how excited we are about our new, beautiful home! We still can't believe that it is really ours. Thank you so much for walking us through the entire journey of selling our townhouse and then buying our dream home.”

“We are really blown away that our townhouse was under contract in just three weeks, particularly in this market. We credit The Gipson Team and your comprehensive marketing package for getting the sale wrapped up so quickly. You guys really thought of everything.”

“When it came time to buy, we were overwhelmed with so many choices: style of homes, neighborhoods, schools, etc. You guys were there every step of the way with years of expertise that helped us make the best decision. I remember there were a number of times that you and Kent both said, "We want this to be a great long term investment for you and your family." And so far, so good!”

“I know, too, there were several times I called you late at night and on the weekends with all kinds of questions. Of course, you had answers for every possible question and plenty of resources for us to access, including a great handyman, chimney sweep, moving companies, etc. And, most importantly, you helped us find the right mortgage company for our complex situation. You guys are really so much more than 'just Realtors!' ”

“We feel so blessed that we were able to work with people like you.”

Lisa and Austin

“When we first started searching for homes online we were clueless about almost every aspect of the process. Then we found ya’ll and knew immediately that we had lucked out. You both made everything so smooth and easy, and not once did we ever feel like ‘just another client.’ We felt like you worked hard to develop a personal relationship with us, and that made what might have been a stressful situation…dare I say it?...enjoyable!”

“In the end, we found out home when Kent called us up and said, “There’s a new house that just came on the market. I’m the first one here, and you have to come see it.” As you know, we made an offer the next night. We absolutely adore our new house and know beyond a doubt, that on top of loving it, it was a fantastic investment. I’m 100% certain we wouldn’t have found it or anything close to it in our price range without your help.”

“After talking to friends and family, we’ve come to learn that there’s no way everything should have been this easy & wonderful, but the Gipson Team made it so. We will be recommending you to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen.”

Alex & Lisa

“We have been composing this note in our minds for a week or two and are finally sitting down to writing it. It was an incredible journey, buying and selling our homes, and we couldn’t have asked for better navigators. They say that the devil is in the details. In our case, there were no details that you didn’t handle superbly.”

“Thank you isn’t a strong enough statement for your excellent handling of our business. Your marketing plan was so thorough and so well executed. Your phone calls were timely and always informative. You settled every crisis with calmness and a positive spirit. You both almost made this stressful time, a time of fun!”

“We will sing your praises for a long time to come. We are deeply appreciative. Thanks for everything.”

Hugh & Kathy

“Thank you for everything. Thank you for your effort and for entertaining all of my thousands of phone calls. We really appreciate everything you have done for us over these last four months. Buying and selling homes is stressful in general, but in the end, we did really well on the sell side and we then found the perfect house to buy. It truly is a dream house and a dream location. In the beginning, I thought about doing a For Sale by Owner deal, but looking back, it is clear we would have failed miserably without your help through the entire process.”


“Kent and Caroline were the perfect solution to our need of selling our Chamblee home in the midst of a move to the Midwest. We were able to turn everything over to them and were confident in the process even though we were living 1200 miles away. Our house was under contract in only a few short months even though there was much uncertainty in the housing market. The Gibson team truly went the extra mile to get our house sold from lining up contractors to finish a few loose ends to holding as many open houses as it took to locate our buyer. We would strongly recommend this team of realtors to anyone looking to sell their home in the Atlanta area!”

Ryan & Colleen

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work, long hours, patience, and persistence. We love our new home and couldn’t have found it without you.”

Paul & Kelley

“Thank you again for yours and Caroline’s help with the sale of our home. I will vigorously refer you to anyone that is in need. You really do it right and make it all worthwhile.”

Anna & Shannon

“I cannot express to you the gratitude I feel towards you. Your patience and kindness in dealing with my purchase was truly remarkable. I think, most importantly, I forged a genuine friendship with Kent, which was an unexpected bonus.”


“We just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work in finding our house. We are almost all settled in, and we really are happy here!”

Kristin & Chris

“Once again, words cannot express our thanks to you. We know you have worked very hard to make this happen and we appreciate it. We hope that you will celebrate with us soon.”

Judy & Allan

“Thank you so much for all of your help. Caroline, you understood our needs for a house and took great pains to find the right one for us. Kent, it was wonderful having you to look out for our interests and to go to bat for us. I can’t think of when I ever felt so secure in a large transaction.”

“And you are such nice people. George and I enjoyed your company and just appreciate so much all you have done.”

George & Kathryn